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Leading Exponents of Andhranatyam & Perini

Gurus - Performers - Scholars - Evangelists

Shri Kala Krishna

Abhinava Satyabhama -Andhranatyam & - Perini Guru - Abhinaya Expert

Kalakrishna, an accomplished artist of immense talent, a treasure of great Indian heritage, a reserve of incomparable talent, and also a great anthropologist serving humanity with great classic art forms.
He showcased that an ordinary person from a remote village too can reach.  heights with dedication, talent, and hard work. Kalakrishna, being an outstanding performer with complete mastery of his tradition and art, is endowed with wonderful qualities to the optimum proportion that make the onlookers spellbound. 

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Late Shri Bheeman

Andhranatyam & Perini Guru

Shri Bheeman is a well-known Andhranatyam & Perini Proponent and a very senior disciple of Shri Nataraja Ramakrishna Garu. He was the first guru who worked relentlessly in spreading the dance form in Nizamabad and trained several hundreds of students. He was honored with the Telangana State Kalaratna award.


Dr. Suvarchala Suresh

Andhranatyam dancer - scholar - author - Lasyabhinayam exponent

Dr. Suvarchala Suresh carries the rich legacy of the temple dance traditions of the Telugu region having learned from her gurus Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee Smt. Saride Manikyamma and Padmasri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna.


Smt Sarada Ramakrishna

Andhranatyam Guru - Kalaratna -Andhranatya Visarada - Nrutya Sarawati

Smt Sarada Ramakrishna is a true living testimony of hard work and dedication. She is trained in Andhranatyam from Guru Late Padmasri Nataraja Ramakrishna and completed her Masters in Andhra Natyam & Kuchipudi from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. She received her first title in  “NRITYA SARASWATI”  from my guru Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna. Later years she was conferred with “ANDHRA NATYA VISARADA”, “ANDHRA NATYA KALABHINETRI”, “THE BEST LASYA NARTAKI”, “UTTAMA NATYACHARINI” and so on from various organizations. 
She is conferred with “SENIOR FELLOWSHIP” by “Kendra Sangeeta, Nataka Academy for 2017-18.


Smt Padma Denduluri

Andhranatyam Exponent - Guru

Smt. Padma Denduluri was born in Hubli, in the South Indian state of Karnataka. She began her dance training in Andhranatyam at the age of nine from Guru Padmasri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna garu and Sangeeta Nataka academy awardee, Guru Sri. Kala Krishna garu. She performed her Aarangetram (Ranga Pravesham) at the age of twelve. She won many competitions at the district, state and national level in India. In 1984, at the age of fourteen, Padma became an ‘A’ grade artist in Doordarshan, and participated in several television programmes through solo, group and ballet performances over the following years.


Shri Perini Kumar Bandi

Andhranatyam & Perini Sivatandavam Exponent-Guru-Singer

Shri Perini Kumar  Bandi is from Warangal, Telangana  He was titled as “PERINI” because of his expertise in “Perini Sivatandavam”. He got inspired by Perini and Andhranatyam through the lectures given by Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna in Warangal. He then moved to Hyderabad in 1985 to get trained in Andhranatyam and Perini under him. He underwent intensive training under him. Along with dance training, he also got trained in Nattuvangam.


Shri Srinivasa Rao Bodepati

Perini Sivatandavam & Andhranatyam Exponent - Guru

Shri Perini Srinivas Rao Bodepati started his journey in dance in 1984 from Guru  Sappa Durgaprasad in Rajahmundry. There was no looking back for him since then. Later under Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna, he trained and gained expertise in Perini Sivatandavam and Andhranatyam. He was inspired to take dance as his profession and also achieved a gold medal in MA in dance under his tutelage. He currently runs his dance school Nataraja Nrutyaramam", training hundreds of young talent every year.


Shri Perini Ramesh

Perini Sivatandavam Exponent - Guru

Shri Perini Ramesh garu was one of the first students of Shri Nataraja Ramakrishna garu who was known for his proficiency in Perini.  He wainstrumental in not only spreading Perini Sivatandavam but also training several hundreds of students across telugu states, He holds several awards and Guinness book of world records  for dancing for 48 hours relentless.


Shri Perini Prakash & Smt Suneela Prakash

Andhranatyam & Perini Gurus - authors

Shri Perini Prakash & Smt Suneela Prakash are well-known Andhrantaym & Perini Gurus in Hyderabad who have been blessed and married by their Guru Late Padmasri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna Garu. Both of them have been teaching  Andhranatyam & Perini& operated as dance department heads at Delhi Public School between 2003 & 2016.  Bas well. Both of them have authored several books onAndhranatyam & Perini

Perini Prakash & Suneela Prakash

Shri J Rathan Kumar

Andhranatyam Dancer & Guru

Kala Tapaswi Shri Rathan Kumar is a born artist and was interested in acting in female roles in theater dramas in his student life. He has acted in more than 1500 dramas. 
As he was inquisitive to learn classical dance he approached Bharatha Kala Prapoorna Dr. Nataraja Rama Krisha of Hyderabad and became his disciple and learned Temple Traditional Lasya Dance of Andhra Natyam i.e., the traditional Lasya Stage dance of the Andhra female artists. In the guise of a female, he plays the role of Satya Bhama in Nava Janardhana Parijatham to the astonishment of his audience as he cannot be recognized as a male.

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