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Shri Perini Kumar Bandi

Andhranatyam & Perini Sivatandavam Exponent-Guru-Singer

Shri Perini Kumar  Bandi is from Warangal, Telangana  He was titled as “PERINI” because of his expertise in “Perini Sivatandavam”. He got inspired by Perini and Andhranatyam through the lectures given by Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna in Warangal. He then moved to Hyderabad in 1985 to get trained in Andhranatyam and Perini under him. He underwent intensive training under him. Along with dance training, he also got trained in Nattuvangam.



Shri Perini Kumar has given a lot of performances not only within India but worldwide as well. He won a lot of accolades for his performances in Perini. 

He made his debut performance at  10,000 deepotsavam in “Ramappa temple” in Warangal where 101 Perini artists performed on a single stage.

His performance during the Maha Shivaratri festival at Chidambaram Nataraja Swamy temple mesmerized the audience and other dancers who performed during the occasion.

He has given nearly 4500 performances. He traveled across different countries to perform Perini

  • 1988 - Africa

  • 1997 - Mauritius

  • 2002 - Singapore

  • 2002 - Indonesia

  • 2012 - Japan

  • 2012 - Malaysia

Experience in Singapore

Perini Kumar was in Singapore for 10 years (2004-2014) to spread the Indian art and culture . He trained many students in dance as well as performed “Perini” at various organizations.

  • Singapore Soka Assocation (SSA) - 2008

  • True Yoga - 2009

  • Singapore Telugu Samajam (STS) - 2011

  • Little India Shoppers and Heritage Association(LISHA) - 2013

  • Thomson Sin ming courant RC - 2013

  • One wellness fitness center - 2014

Teaching & Institutions

Perini Kumar started his teaching career while getting trained under Nataraja Ramakrishna Garu. He used to undergo training as well as teach students in Andhranatyam and Perini at Nritya Niketan. He worked as asst. Teacher to Perini Ramesh to train 101 students at Warangal for the event at Ramappa temple.

He taught at St.Dominic’s school through the Nataraja Ramakrishna dance institution from 1993 -1996. He used to train students at Siddipet during the weekends.

He established a dance institution named Nritya Jyothi l in Hyderabad in 1989  and has been teaching students in Andhranatyam and Perini by following Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna’s training methodologies. He gives extensive training to his students including theoretical training. 

He has trained more than 4000 students both within India and abroad for the last 31 years and has organized many successful events through his institution.


In 2002, he conducted a 40 day workshop on Perini under the guidance of Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna where nearly 30 students have become dancers in Perini and as well as dance teachers.


Perini Kumar has done several documentaries for the spread of Perini and Andhranatyam. 

  • 1999 - Warlords 

  • 2016 - Andhra Kala Vaibhavam, Godawari

  • 2016 - Recreation of Perini ( Has been sent  for National competitions)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Perini Rudra

  • Nrutya Choodamani and Gold medal (Andhra natya peetam in Vijayawada)

  • Best dance teacher award( Aaradhana Association)

  • He was given Dasaradhyula Natya Kala Charitra by Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna for his excellent presentation of Nattuvangam


  • BA from Dr. Ambedkar open university

  • Diploma in Andhranatyam

  • MA in Andhranatyam (Sri. Potti Sriramulu Telugu University)

  • Currently pursuing Phd (Perini) because of his ardent interest towards Perini 

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Kumar Bandi

Kumar Bandi

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